We’ve put together answers to some of your frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). If you still have questions or would prefer to contact us, please see our contact us page.


Q. What do I need to bring?
A. You will need to bring swimwear to wear underneath your wetsuit and a towel and shampoo for showering afterwards. When you are learning to ski/kneeboard if you fall off on the course you will need to walk back to the starting area. If you are kneeboarding you can wear a pair of old trainers (that you don’t mind getting wet) to make walking back easier. If you are learning to ski or wakeboard trainers won’t fit inside the bindings!.

Q. Do I need to book a lesson or just cable time?
A. Instruction is included in the cost of all sessions on the cable ski. You don’t need to book a specific “lesson” but you will get basic safety instruction on arrival and instruction in starting and getting around the cable ski on your equipment of choice (kneeboard, ski’s, wakeboard).
Q. Is there a minimum age requirement?
A. During normal cable opening times all participants need to be 12 years and above. We run a kids club for younger riders (8-12 years) where the cable runs at a much slower speed, more appropriate for their body weight and strength. See our Kids Club page for more details.
Q. Are there any health/ swimming requirements?
A. Yes. Please see reception or phone us for our up to date health requirements. You must also be able to see and swim at least 50 metres.
Q. I want to go straight to learning to wakeboard – do I need to learn to kneeboard first?
A. You can go straight to learning to wakeboard if that’s what you want. We do find that people generally learn slightly quicker if they go kneeboard – waterskis – wakeboard but people that have done other boardsports before often want to go straight to wakeboarding and progress fine doing this.

If you have your own equipment please speak to one of our operators if you would like to use the park features (obstacles) but have not done so before. No hire equipment (wakeboards, kneeboards, ski’s) must be used on the park features.