We’ve put together answers to some the most common questions we get asked. If you still have questions or would prefer to contact us, please see our contact us page.

  • Q. How much is it to go on the Cable?


    Please see our prices page for current Cable prices.

  • Q. Is there a minimum age requirement?

    Normal Opening Hours

    During normal cable opening hours all participants need to be 12 years and above.

    Junior Riders Sessions

    We run a sessions on a Saturday morning and during school holidays for younger riders (8-12 years) where the cable runs at a much slower speed, more suited to their body weight and strength. See our Junior Riders page to find out more.

  • Q. Are there any health/ swimming requirements?

    Yes. Please see reception or phone us for our up to date health requirements. You must also be able to see and swim at least 50 metres.

  • Q. What do I need to bring?

    You will need to bring swimwear to wear underneath your wetsuit and a towel and shampoo for showering afterwards. When you are learning to ski/kneeboard if you fall off on the course you will need to walk back to the starting area. If you are kneeboarding you can wear a pair of old trainers (that you don’t mind getting wet) to make walking back easier. If you are learning to ski or wakeboard trainers won’t fit inside the bindings!.

  • Q. I’m a beginner, do I need to book a lesson?

    Introductory Sessions

    If you haven’t been before, you will need to book one of our introductory Learn to Kneeboard/ Waterski or Learn to Wakeboard sessions. The sessions are usually group sessions (depending on booking numbers) and are made up of a safety brief and basic instruction on how to set off from the dock and ski around the course on a kneeboard – you are then free to try it yourself!.

    Moving on to Waterski’s or a Wakeboard

    If you have booked to Learn to Wakeboard, or would like to try waterskiing, our staff will be also able instruct you on starting off on waterski’s or a wakeboard and getting around the cable after the initial kneeboard instruction. We usually teach kneeboarding first as it allows people to quickly get the hang of navigating the corners of the cable ski in the easiest position – with your centre of gravity low, kneeling down. (see later question “…do I need to learn to kneeboard first?”).

    Please note: Our staff are always on the dockside and available to answer quick questions and give tips, but during busy periods may not always be able to offer 1:1 help after the initial instruction.

  • Q. I’m not sure if I need instruction/ safety brief?

    All newcomers to Full Size Cable will need to take part in one of our safety briefs, this includes customers that have previously skied/ ridden on a boat or a straight line cable only. This will only take 15 mins and can be done even without pre-booking.

  • Q. I want to go straight to learning to wakeboard – do I need to learn to kneeboard first?

    We do recommend learning to kneeboard first, even if just to do one lap of the cable to get the hang of the corners. We are affiliated to the BWSW and this is the preferred method of teaching on cable (because people learn slightly quicker if they start with their centre of gravity low on a kneeboard). If you have done lots of other boardsports before we may not need you to kneeboard first, please speak to your instructor when you arrive at the site.

  • Q. How do I progress once I’ve completed an introductory session?

    Once you have completed your first Learn to Kneeboard / Waterski or Learn to Wakeboard session you are free to book just time on the cable without instruction and come down to practise what you have learned.

    Although We don’t offer formal courses after the initial introduction our staff are available on the dockside to ask for help with progression for no additional charge (depending on how busy the site is). For this reason if you are looking to progress quickly with your riding then it helps to book for off peak times (weekdays) or earlier in the day at a weekend when our staff are likely to have more time available to talk to you individually and offer tips on progression.

  • Q. I want to go over the features/ obstacles, can I do this?

    Please speak to one of our operators BEFORE attempting the obstacles. Most of the hire wakeboards cannot be taken over the features/ obstacles – please ask for more info at reception about boards that can be used.

  • Q. I want to bring a group, will we be able to go on together?

    We are a full-size cable, which means that there are multiple points on the cable that the ski lines/ handles can be loaded onto so there can be up to 8 people skiing/ riding at the same time. There can be many more than 8 actually booked on the cable at the same time as some will fall off and be swimming/ walking back, others will be ready to go again and queuing up again on the dock.
  • Q. Will I have to queue to go on?

    During peak times (weekends and bank holidays) you may find that you may have to queue up to get back on the cable when you fall off, we are a Full Sized Cable though which means that there are multiple points on the cable that the ski lines/ handles can be loaded onto so there can be up to 8 people skiing/ riding at the same time with others swimming back/ queuing ready for their next go.

Learn to Wakeboard, Kneeboard or Waterski


Learn to wakeboard, water-ski or kneeboard on the Cable.

Ride our Wake Park

Ride our Wake Park

The park is stocked with kickers, sliders, transferable A-frame, diamond peak, Elephant rail and more.

Junior Riders Sessions

Junior Riders (8-12 years)

Our junior sessions are great for kids aged 8-12 to learn to kneeboard, waterski or wakeboard at a slower speed.