Beginner Cable Pass (Wakeboarding)

This session includes a safety brief/ instruction at the start of the session and both kneeboard and wakeboard hire. Sessions are a min of 2 hours.

Covid-19 restrictions

We are offering Beginner Cable Sessions instead of this session during Covid-19. 

About This Session

This session is a longer session for beginners to cable riding who want to quickly progress from kneeboarding to wakeboarding on a full size cable system.

Who Is This Session Best For?

This session is a longer session than the one hour kneeboarding and is best for those who have previous boardsports experience. To take things a little slower book our Kneeboarding / Waterski Introduction first and try wakeboarding on your next visit.

What Does This Session Include?

  • Wetsuit / buoyancy aid / helmet hire (online booking only)
  • kneeboard hire / Wakeboard hire (approx 1hr kneeboarding, 1 hr wakeboarding depending on progress/ ability.
  • Pre-session safety brief including basic kneeboard instruction
  • Dockside assistance with wakeboarding start position and instruction on how to navigate the corners on a wakeboard. (Provided once you have navigated the course on a kneeboard).

About This Session

This session will give you chance to start out on a kneeboard on the cable. Kneeboarding helps you get the hang of getting around the corners of the cable system and once you have made it around the course on a kneeboard you will be able to pick up your hire wakeboard and give wakeboarding a try! We estimate that most people will spend approximately an hour kneeboarding before progressing to a wakeboarding but this is very dependant on the individual.

Progressing to Wakeboarding

Progression to wakeboarding depends a lot on your level of fitness and previous experience. Most people will get the chance to start learning how to start from the dock on a wakeboard during this session and will get to experience the buzz of wakeboarding riding down the first straight of the cable course, possibly progressing to navigating the corners of the cable. If you want to take things a little slower, book the Cable Pass ( kneeboard Introduction) and come back again next time to hire a wakeboard.

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