Our Junior Riders sessions on the cable ski are exclusively for 8 – 12 year olds to learn to kneeboard, waterski or wakeboard. The cable runs at a slower speed, more suitable for younger riders.

Junior Riders Sessions are open to 8 – 12 year olds who can meet our swimming (50 metres) and general health requirements (see reception for details). The cable runs at a slightly slower speed to normal, no previous waterskiing or wakeboarding experience is required, though parents please remember that wakeboarding is classed as an extreme sport. We run these sessions because of popular demand, but they may not be suitable for every 8- 12 year old.



The first experience your child will have on the water will be learning to kneeboard.



Once your child can get around all four corners of the cable on a kneeboard they can then try wakeboarding!.



Our Ten Feet High Series has an under 12’s category, specially for our Junior Riders.

Session Times and Booking Online

Junior Riders Club normally takes place on a saturday morning 9:00 – 11:00 am. These sessions are not available at the very beginning and end of the season (due to the cold temperature in the lake). These sessions are very popular, please, book in advance. For current session costs see our prices page.

Summer Holiday Junior Riders Club

During the school summer holidays we will be running additional Junior Riders clubs on a Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10:00 am until 12:00pm midday. Please book online for the summer holiday clubs.

Cutting Edge Awards

In addition to offering a fun environment for your child to learn and progress in the sports of wakeboarding and waterskiing, our cable operators are qualified to offer the British Waterski and Wakeboard (our National Governing Body) participation pathways Cutting Edge awards to enable your child to gain qualifications in the sport. If you are interested in this please mention it to one of our operators so that we can schedule the (informal) appraisals.

Start Competing!

Once our Juniors have got started on a kneeboard and progressed onto a wakeboard, there is plenty of opportunity for them to start learning wakeboard tricks and enter our monthly Ten Feet High Series, where we have an Under 13 rookies category. Their are also lots of other UK competitions where they can compete including the UK Cable Nationals (which we are hosting this year). Some of our previous Juniors have gone on to be selected for the British Cable Wakeboard team, competing around Europe and the world!.