Below are the rankings for each Ten Feet High Series category post August event. You can see the full score breakdowns by following the links after each category. The FINAL of the 2014 season is this coming weekend, followed by the end of series Celebrity Red Carpet Event. See for more details.

Under 13 Rookies

1. Patching, Josh
2. Hardwick, Harry
3. Starkey, Owen
4. Wilson, Alex
5. Bignell, Tom
6. Day, Adam
7. Redman, Buddy
8. Howden, Amy
9. Guant, Harrison
10. Redman, Rocky
11. Redman, Spike
12. Scinaldi, Olly
13. Hackney, Jack

Download the full score breakdown for Under 13 Rookies.


1. Patching, Sam
2. Sheffield, Bradley
3. Matterson, James
4. Cataldo, Ricky
5. Trumble, Brandon
6. Clark, Ruben
7. Bignell, Will
8. Dyson, Matt
9. Ball, Cerys
10. Cockrell, Billy
11. Rawson, Phil
12. Blackwell, Kelsey
13. Blackshaw, Sam
14. Borthwick, Jim
15. Dittrich, Ell
16. Fleckney, Charley
17. Cobble, Charlie
18. Price, Mair
19. Lindop, Amy
20. Scinaldi, Connor
21. Anderson, Chloe
22. Finerty, Gillian
23. Finnerty, Gillian

Download the full score breakdown for Rookies.

Over 35 Rookies

1. Besau, Rob
2. Jepsom, Simon
3. Leather, Martin
4. Aston, Adrain
5. Howden, Claire
6. Daykin, Simon
7. Heath, James
8. Kemp, Gordon
9. Fox, Mick
10. Hackney, Steve
11. Mason, Lee

Download the full score breakdown for Over 35 Rookies.


1. Ellis, Joe
2.Boyd, Callum
3.Farley, Josh
4.Brandwood, Alex
5.Cox, Nichola
6.Gaunt, Damien
7.Bliss, Liam
8.Sifleet, Andrew
9.Smith, Matt
10.Tillet, Mark
11.Griffiths, Joe

Download the full score breakdown for Intermediates.


1. Williams, Bryn
2. Bowles, Tom
3. Tomlinson, Josh
4. Decruze, Thomas
5. Manns, Will
6. Beech, Brad
7. Lee, Phill
8. Whiting, James
9. Farley, Josh
10. McEwan, Pete
11. Bull, Damon
12. Crossley, Dale
13. Marlow, Brandon
14. Daykin, Jack

Download the full score breakdown for Pro’s.

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