Thanks to Greg Moore from one of our series sponsors for this awesome short edit. Check out the tongue in cheek review below of the May TFHSeries from our very own “Judge Knots”:

With assistance from the rookies and the intermediate riders the crowd were well up for some more boardtatsic action by the time the pro’s lined up on the dock. The scene is set for Sheffield Cable Water Ski Ten Feet High Series 2014! The rookies and intermediates had already set the bar pretty high for the following Series’ heats. So, for the Pro’s, right from the outset, the battle is on for the top prize of a grand spendo for the overall winner of the Series Pro’s riders’ heats.

Sheffield Cable’s own Tom Bowles put in an impressive run which included a switch mobe (for the laymen amongst us goes something like this: tension the cable, throw yourself counter clockwise in the air and on the way round spin 360º and land with the handle in on your blind side!). Tom also pulled a sweet back roll to revert with a cheeky 180º spin to bring his board in line for the next trick!

Dave Crossley has an sleevesnal of tricks up his ar…sorry, an arsenal of tricks up his sleeve, and pulled a crowd pleasing 313 in his run (that’s a rayley with a 360º rotation on the way down. Sick trick). However, such was the standard from the other pro’s that he was just shy of a touch of the podium. But if the podium dwellers don’t step up their game Crossley is sure to occupy a podium place in the following heats.

Jack Dakin made a welcome return from injury this season and although his run was a cautious one, it was clear to see that he was well and truly back! Other notable performances came from Josh Tomlinson, who landed a heeyouge! Front Roll to Blind and Brad Beech, who with the eyesight of Mr Magoo is our most improvised rider; aiming for the obstacles, hitting them and depending on the velocity of the impact deciding last minute what trick to pull – and he nails it every time!!!

All the riders went out and gave their all to entertain the capacity crowd on this awesomely sunny afternoon at Sheffield, but ultimately it had to come down to three riders to occupy the podium places. Pete (the Student) Mcewan was a late entry (set your alarm earlier next month Pete!) but secured a podium place with an impressive run, which included a rather lovely Whirlybird off the kicker (hit kicker, BIG air, stretch out parallel to lake surface, spin 360º clockwise whilst in position, land, took gonads back into wetsuit, ride off).

The battle for the top spot was furiously contented by Tom Decruze and Bryn Williams. These two Box End riders knew what to expect from each other so went out to set the record straight and do the unexpected. Williams started his run with a heyouge! Toe Side 7* off the kicker right at the beginning of the scoring zone! (*carve to kicker on toes, hit kicker, big air, execute 2 full 360º rotations in the air, land). Now this took balls because a Toe Side 7 is a trick that I have seen binned as many times as landed. At this point we knew that we were in for a good run. Bryn went on to take the rooftop with an Ollie on with a 270º rotation, leaving the roof top surface over the apex and sliding out with a further 90º rotation. Niiiiice! Bryn finished his run with a Toe Side 9 off the kicker (that’s a 900º rotation!!) but came short on the landing. But fair play to the lad, he had just pulled an absolutely heyouge! KGB (tension cable, mahoooosive air, parallel to lake surface, rotate 180º in position, stop, change mind, rotate back then on the way down further 180º rotation and land with handle on blind side). This trick threatened to blow up the gauge on the judge’s Sicknocity Meter, but just failed to perfect the landing.

Tom Decruze responded with hitting the rooftop in reply to Williams showing that this standard could be met. But to show that the standard could be raised Decruze executed 3 absolutely mahoosive inverts that stole the show. These included a Blind Judge, Switch Mobe and S Bend Mobe. By now the crowd knew that a battle was well underway between DeCruze and Williams and that the mantel would be passed only after great deliberation. So, to finish Decruze hit the kicker so hard on his finish with a Heel Side 720º spin that aircraft were diverted from the area on health and safety grounds. For this run Decruze took the podium top spot.

So with the crowd enjoying the entertainment, the sun beaming down on the Valley and the riders buzzing from the adrenalin of their runs, the judges be like, “Sun’s still shining. Shame to end so soon. Big Air comp guys?” “Call it in Rocket!” Four pro’s went and hit the two dockside kickers with every fibre of their being. Late cuts towards the obstacles made the crowd cheer as they flew over the kickers at speeds that triggered the Gatso cameras near Morrison’s in Killamarsh! The crowd were all sworn in as judges for this event and it was unanimous when Tom Decruize performed a gravity defying 900º spin. This spectacle was only just over shadowed by Bryn Williams who, after landing a sweet 911, which took the tip of his board within spitting distance of the height of the cable, ollied onto the fun box and misjudged the height. There was a thud, a silence as the crowd caught their breath (his board stop dead against the wall of the box forcing him head over heals), followed by roars of laughter as he somersaulted over the obstacle head first into the lake on the other side. No injury was suffered, not even a tiny dent in his pride! All good fun as far as we’re concerned.

The Series can sometimes take a bit of warming up on account of the inclement weather in the UK in early May. Not this time! There was some notable absences in the form of Manns, Clifford, Bull, Chapel and board shorts (don’t get me started), but that gave the spotlight to a new wave of riders to the Series. And they did not disappoint. This is just the start of an exciting summer of events in the scene that is going to see new rising talents come out and provide a spectacle for a crowd ever curious for the answer to the burning question: “How the **** did he do that????”

Who knows? Maybe this year is going to bring forth the next Davies, Clifford, Koester??? You’ll just have to be there and see for yourselves. Heat 2: June 21st 2014 – 3pm ‘till late.

Judge Knots


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