Nicola Cox on ITV Total Wipeout

TV’s Total Wipeout winner Nicola Cox is set to open our Sheffield Aqua Park. Nicola won the popular TV show contest a few years ago and has also been a wakeboarding regular here at Sheffield Cable Waterski for many years. The park will be open for booking on Saturday 20th August. Book your aqua park session now!

We caught up today with Nicola, and she had this to say about her awesome experience on TV’s Total Wipeout and how much she is looking forward to the our Sheffield Aqua Park opening to re-live the experience!.

Competing on Total Wipeout was an incredible and totally ridiculous experience all at the same time and I definitely had luck on my side when I won. It was a lot tougher than I could have ever predicted. I haven’t done anything like it since so I can’t wait to have a go on this awesome looking Aqua park and see if I’ve still “got it”. To have an aqua park as huge and awesome and this one in Sheffield is quite amazing. People definitely need to get themselves down and have a go.

Nicola Cox
Total Wipeout Winner

We’re all looking forward to the official opening next week and hope you’ll be there to join us on the water!.

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