Aqua Park Conditions and Rules

Aqua Park Rules and Entry Requirements

Entry to the Aqua Park is subject to the Entry Requirements and Rules below. All participants must sign our Risk Awareness and Consent form before participating in the activity. If you (or the child you have checked in) does not adhere to the Entry Conditions and rules of the Aqua Park we have the right to remove you/them and any other member of your party without any right to a refund. Our Entry Conditions and Rules are designed to ensure the safety of all participants and to allow everyone to enjoy the activity together.

Aqua Park Entry Requirements/ Conditions

  1. Age and height restrictions
    All participants must be a minimum of 7 years old and at least 122 cm tall.
  2. Supervision of Children
    We do not provide supervision for children on the Aqua Park. Participants aged between 7 and 9 years MUST be accompanied and supervised by a paying adult, with a max of 5 children to one adult. Participants aged 10-17 years can take part in the activity without a parent/ guardian on the park if a parent/guardian/responsible adult is on site.
  3. Swimming Ability
    Participants must be competent swimmers and be able to swim 25 metres unaided.
  4. Medical Restrictions
    Participants must not knowingly have a medical condition which might have the effect of making it more likely that they will be involved in an accident which could result in injury to themselves or others, including heart conditions and dislocations. This activity is not suitable for pregnant women.
  5. Fitness
    Participants must be fit enough to pull themselves out of the water, this can be quite tiring and requires a reasonable level of fitness.
  6. Nature of the activity
    Due to the nature of this activity, participants will slip, slide and fall onto the inflatable equipment and in the water and need to be comfortable doing this in order to participate.
  7. Covid-19 Symptoms
    Please do not attend if you or any member of your household has symptoms of Covid-19. Please only make a booking in line with governent guidelines on group size. DO NOT socialise with other groups on the park.

Aqua Park Rules

Please take time to read and understand the rules below, they are for your safety and the safety of other users and staff.

  • No unauthorised access to the Aqua Park outside opening hours.
  • ONLY enter the Aqua Park when lifeguards are in place.
  • NO ENTRY to the dock or walkway unless lifeguards are present.
  1. NO jewellery or personal items or loose clothing
    Please remove (or tape over completely) all jewellery. No footwear except wetsuit socks. Wearable cameras (e.g Go Pro’s) are only permitted if they are mounted on a chest strap, underneath your buoyancy aid. Medication such as inhalers can be left at the park entry at your own risk.
  2. DO NOT remove your buoyancy aid
    You must ensure that all buoyancy aid zips and straps are tightened before you start and you may not remove the buoyancy aid until you are back on shore.
  3. Entry to the Aqua Park
    When making your way to the Aqua Park, please walk slowly as the grass and pontoons can be wet and slippery.Please sanitise your hands before swimming to the park.
  4. Behave Responsibly
    When on the Aqua Park behave responsiby and act well within your ability at all times.
  5. DO NOT navigate the aqua park alone
    Please stay in your household or social bubble groups. You are responsible for each other.
  6. No Pushing or Shoving
    There can be no physical contact between users on the park. Please also maintain a social distance of 2 metres with users not in your own household or social bubble.
  7. No Diving or Flips and Tricks
    Entry into the water must be feet first. No diving at any time. Flips and acrobatics are prohibited, do not jump on the white edge strips of the trampolines as these cover the springs.
  8. CHECK your landing is clear
    Do not jump or slide onto or into anyone. Do not attempt to jump or slide from one obstacle to another. Please do not jump from the top of any slides.
  9. DO NOT climb directly behind anyone
    DO NOT climb up an obstacle directly behind a person in case they slip on top of you.
  10. DO NOT swim under the inflatables
    Our lifeguards will not be able to see you and you are at risk of drowning.
  11. DO NOT overcrowd the inflatables
    Some inflatables have maximum use numbers, if you are signalled to by a lifeguard, please move on to the next piece of equipment.
  12. LISTEN OUT for whistle signals and understand the emergency signals
    one whiste = a lifeguard is trying to get your attention,
    two whistles = a lifegard is calling another lifeguard,
    three whistles = there is a park emergency, stay where you are and await further instructions,

    If you need help please tap your head continuously with one hand and call “lifeguard”. A big “O” signal above your head with your hands indicates you are OK.
  13. No Bad Behaviour / Drugs or Alcohol
    We are a family park, bad language and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Particpants behaving badly, disrespecting our staff or behaving in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the park. If we suspect any member of your party is under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will be asked to leave the park.
  14. Exiting the Aqua Park
    At the end of the session you will hear one long whistle blast, indicating the end of the session, please make your way back to shore and exit via the blue mat. Please sanitise your hands.
  15. Social Distancing / One Way system
    Please keep 2 metres from anyone outside your household on the Aqua Park and on site. There is a one-way system on the park to make social distancing easier. No spectators by the Aqua Park dock area.