We are a FULL SIZE cable and the largest wake park in the North of England. Up to 8 can ride on the cable at any one time, and larger groups of up to 50 people can ride over an hour or two, so its a great activity to do with friends. Not tried wakeboarding or waterskiing before? Visit our Learn page.

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Wakeboarding is an awesome sport for those adreneline seekers of you out there. You can learn here, and for more experienced riders our wake park is packed full of features/ obstacles and those moving from snowboarding or skateboarding will really appreciate the possibilities of park riding.


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New to cable park riding? Find out more about Learning to kneeboard, water-ski or wakeboard.

Learn to Wakeboard, Kneeboard or Waterski


Learn to wakeboard, water-ski or kneeboard on the Cable.

Ride our Wake Park

Ride our Wake Park

The park is stocked with kickers, sliders, transferable A-frame, diamond peak, Elephant rail and more.

Junior Riders Sessions

Junior Riders (8-12 years)

Our junior sessions are great for kids aged 8-12 to learn to kneeboard, waterski or wakeboard at a slower speed.

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