Learn to kneeboard, water-ski or wakeboard with us here in Rother Valley Country Park. We are the largest cable wake park in the North of England and a full size cable system so groups can ride at the same time! Bring your friends and family for a fun, packed, adrenaline fuelled active day out in Yorkshire!

Learn to Kneeboard


Kneeboarding is a great for beginners and anyone new to cable riding.

It’s great fun, and a real workout! and because your centre of gravity is low on the board kneeboarding is the easiest way to learn to start from the dock and get around the corners of the cable course.

Learning to Kneeboard

Our Cable Pass + Kneeboard/ Waterski introductory sessions for 12+ years will give you chance to get out on the water and try kneeboarding for yourself. Book online for a one hour session and after a short safety brief and instructional from our BWSW qualified staff you’ll get your chance to start from the dock on a kneeboard.

Junior Riders Sessions

Our Junior Riders sessions for 8-12 year old’s on Saturday mornings 9-11 a.m are the perfect place for younger riders to learn to ride the cable at a slower speed.

What’s Next?

Once you get the hang of kneeboarding and can get around all four corners of the cable, why not try waterski-ing? Learning to water-ski is great preperation for learning to wakeboard too as it gets you used to standing up on the water. The next step…standing sideways on a wakeboard!

Learn to Wakeboard


Wakeboarding is the ultimate way to experience the adrenaline rush of the cable and the cable park features!

You can learn to wakeboard here, and board-sports lovers should check out our wake park which is packed full of park features/ obstacles like you would find in your favourite snowboard or skate park.

Learning to Wakeboard

Our Cable Pass + Wakeboard introductory sessions are a min of 2 hours and are aimed at beginners to cable riding. The sessions include our standard safety brief and kneeboard instruction plus wakeboard hire and short dockside wakeboard introduction (usually progression to the wakeboarding part happens once you have got around the four corners of the cable on a kneeboard).

This session is an introductory session and wakeboarding is a physically demanding sport so progression during the session can vary – expect to have fun, have a great workout and get wet trying! ……If you don’t have two hours spare, or want to take it a bit slower why not book the Cable Pass + Kneeboard Introductory Session (one hour) first.

Progressing with Wakeboarding

Once you’ve completed your first Wakeboarding Introductory session, you are free to book just time on the cable without instruction and come down to practise what you have learned. Our staff are always dockside and you are free to ask for progression tips to help further your riding.

Have more questions about the Cable?

We’ve put together a Frequently Asked Questions page to help you get an idea what it will be like to book one of our Learn sessions on the Cable Ski.

Ride our Park Features

Ride our Park Features

The park is stocked with kickers, sliders, transferable A-frame, diamond peak, Elephant rail and more.

Junior Riders Sessions

Junior Riders (8-12 years)

Our junior sessions are great for kids aged 8-12 to learn to kneeboard, waterski or wakeboard at a slower speed.

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