Ride our sliders, rails and funboxes and hit the kickers in our cable wake park. The biggest in the North of England!. For competant wakeboarders*. See our learn page if you haven’t tried wakeboarding before.

*All of the obstacles in our wake park / cable park are available for intermediate and advanced wakeboarders to use. If you are new to wakeboarding see our learn page for information on getting started. If you have not used wakeboarding park features before, please speak to a member of our cable staff before using any features/ obstacles.

Park Features


Rixen Pipe Rail

Transferable pipe rail.


Rixen Diamond Peak

NEW! Red Bull sponsored Rixen feature.


Rixen Elephant

Fun up and down feature.

What features / obstacles are in the Park?

lhs Small Rixen Kicker
rhs Rixen Pipe Rail
lhs Rixen Elephant
rhs Rixen XXL Butterbox
lhs Rixen Diamond Peak
rhs XXL Funbox inc. Wallride
lhs Rixen Large Kicker
rhs Kicker
lhs Rixen Flat Bar
rhs Rixen Fun Box

lhs = left hand side
rhs = right hand side

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