Aqua Park Session

Fun Inflatable Obstacle course sessions in Rother Valley Country Park.

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About the Session

Aqua Park Sessions are fun 50 min sessions on the Inflatables. Slip, slide, bounce fall and splash on our huge inflatable park. Explore the obstacles at your own speed and have fun! Sessions are shared, you can book for one person or for a group.

Aqua Park Entry Requirements

  • All participants must be at least 7 years old and a height of 122 cm.
  • We do not provide supervision for children on the Aqua Park - 7-9 year old's must be accompanied by a responsible adult (max 5 children to one adult). Participants aged 10-17 years can take part in the activity without a parent/ guardian on the park if a parent/guardian/responsible adult is on site to supervise.
  • All participants must be competent swimmers (swim 25 metres)
    Medical restrictions apply. This activity is not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Due to the nature of this activity, participants will slip, slide and fall onto the inflatable equipment and in the water and need to be comfortable doing this in order to participate.

See our full Entry Conditions and Rules for more detail on these requirements.

What's Included?

50 min session on the Aqua Park.

Safety Brief (must be watched online prior to arrival).

Buoyancy Aid hire is included.

Wetsuit Hire

Wetsuit hire is an additional £5 per person.

What do I need to Bring?



Birthdays and Special Events

Turn an Aqua Park session into an event by booking food from our cafe after your booking. See our kids parties page for more information and our cafe and bar page for more details on catering for group events.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's) for more information on the sessions.

See the full Aqua Park Description on our website.